From aspiring 9-to-5 dropouts to digital nomads and all-around business punks (and everyone in between) this site is for you, and I want to help you build your own empire-of-one to free yourself from modern-day free-range feudalism.

This site was set up and designed specifically for people who want to drop out of the traditional wage-slave job system and create their own businesses and projects on their own terms!

Click on the tabs/menu above to find out more, the ABOUT page expands on the direction I plan to go with this site, and the BLOG page is where most of the content is at. There’s the COURSES & DOWNLOADS section, which has a motivational book I wrote, and I plan to offer e-courses and more books in the future, so stay tuned! And don’t forget to subscribe!!


Thanks! And keep hustling! And remember, there are ALWAYS alternatives!!