10 Alternative App Stores + How to Build Your Own App Store!

Yes, How to build your own app store, because… well… for one thing, fuck the internet gods. Fuck Apple’s app store, and fuck Google’s app store. There are alternatives (THERE ARE ALWAYS ALTERNATIVES)!! I was curious about it, and I knew that there were apps (here and there) spread throughout the internet, and wondered if an alternative store could be possible.

Turns out – the answer is yes! There are lots of alternative app stores, independent app stores, etc. The big stores don’t always let everything in (especially Apple) and sometimes it’s because it’s malware (so be careful with the below list) but often, it’s not malware at all; a lot of apps don’t make the cut because… the internet gods are a bunch of fucking morons with too much control and they’re snobs. Straight up. There are tons of apps that COULD be on those stores, but weren’t able to make the cut for no good reason. Some of them are too “adult” in nature, but actually, most of them are not (and even if they were, what’s wrong with that?)  It’s nonsense that a few companies have so much power, fuck em! I’ll give some tips on making your own app store, but first, here’s a list of some of the independent or non-google/non-apple-etc-stores/markets, here are ten:




Nexva App Store

Soc.io Mall



1Mobile Market


Opera Mobile Store

I read some info about using Android apps outside of the “regular” one (in this case, “regular” being code for the Shitty Google Play Store) and instead of pretending like I thought it up myself, I’ll just quote it from http://beebom.com :::

In order to enable third party App installation

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to Security.
  • Enable Unknown Sources.

For Apple? I don’t know. I didn’t look into it.

So.. What about making my OWN app store??? You promised in the title you’d mention that!

Yes, I did.

Ok. So there’s a site called GetJar that offers services for folks looking to start their own app stores, and they have tens of millions of apps ready. That’s just ONE site that I found, I’m sure if you did your own digging you’d find all kinds of other services too.





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