Bitcoin: it’s Price & How it All Works


(I was honestly going into an explanation on it, but this infographic does a prety damn good job, so, here’s this infographic, instead of my rant, pictured above)…..

So here’s a post about bitcoin, with slight digressions going into brief discussions of legal LSD (yea, for real) as well as an actual anarchist nation…I rant. I just do.


So, you type in Bitcoin Price in Google (link unnecessary… it’s Google…)… RIGHT NOW, 5.43 pm EST, 3/5/2016, and it says it’s exactly $399.52 US.

Go to Preev, it’s $404.5

Coindesk says 400.96

I checked just fifteen minute later, and here’s a pretty comprehensive analysis of a number of cryptocurrency world markets @ Bitcoin Charts… I don’t know… the first column has a Chinese bitcoin… I though China banned it. Perhaps proxy servers explain that mess? I honestly couldn’t say. I just know Chinese’s Yuan hasn’t been great (as of the date of this article, FYI) but, who the fuck knows with China, they cooked their books, and now the shit’s hittin’ the fan, and they’re have a drop in their economy by a few percentage points…. I don’t know about their bitcoin, though, I’ll be honest.

This isn’t really an article, it’s just a resource for different evaluations of currency.

More or less, its about $400.  Just thought this might be of relevance. It’s been fluctuating between the high $300’s and the low to mid $400’s.

So, there you go. No rants, no nothing. Just a few quick sources. Not typical to this site, I tend to write a fucking book every post, but whatevz, holmes! Whatevzzzzz.

If you want to know what the price is at the moment, I recommend checking a few of these sites to get an idea of the range. Non-FIAT currency FTW. Except sites like Circle and Coinbase, startups, I believe in San Francisco (of course) seem to be tied to regulatory agencies. Not saying that’s good or bad, just saying it’s a thing.

So there you go. Not necessarily a bad idea to buy bitcoin with the two co’s I just mentioned, though anonymity, it’s good to transfer to a separate bitcoin wallet. Why? So your bank doesn’t flag you and say, “Hey, what’s THIS bitcoin for?” … “None of your business… Fucking mainstream companies are starting to use the currency, leave me alone, you fascists.’

AND NO, MOST BITCOIN PURCHASES ARE NOT FOR DRUGS OR GUNS… Can we dispense with this rumor? Please??  It’s becoming a very legitimate currency. Not everyone is trying to buy the research-only / non-consumption 1p-LSD, available at places like the site linked here, which might sound surprising, possibly not even believable – but it’s real, and we live in quite the surprising world, believe it or not… It’s apparently the new lysergamide on the market, apparently identical to the “CLASSIC” LSD-25 (the “woodstock” version–you know, that big party that nobody actually went to but pretend they did? ) But, 1p-lsd is the “new kid on the block,” as far as lysergamides  (lysergic chemicals, ergot-based) go (even though it was developed in the 1970s…) It’s available on the so-called “clearnet,” (as opposed to deepweb) most transactions are done in daylight, and not deepweb or darknet or whatever the slang for it is this week (and to be honest, I’ve heard most deepweb purchases are legal, anyway… Some folks just prefer it)… But that’s another story… And yes, 1p-LSD DOES have a presence on the deepweb, but… everything does…


BTW —– making your own cryptocoin isn’t the EASIEST thing to do, but it’s definitely possible, albeit there’s a learning curve… But the software is open source, so pretty much anyone can do it, or get a friend with the right expertise to help. I wonder how “SCAMCOIN” could do?! lol… Or… “WillCoin,” or, “ThisIsNotAScamISuperPromiseCOIN.”

Or what about Liberland having their own coin? You heard of Liberland. Yes, another article should be written.. Yes, Libeland is real. Its between Croatia and Serbia.  Ancap in action. Anywho..



Trying to make a serious and simple post and I already insert my shitty humor into this whole thing. My bad. As far as this post, the first few paragraphs are solid, though, LOL, so, read those if you’re interested. That page on Liberand is interesting.


– StangeFlow

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