Sraight Outta Ojai – How to Takeover/Makeover Your Own Town (R.I.P Silicon Valley)


Ojai, California, pictured above. A beautiful area in the middle of California…

So, before I talk about Ojai, what’s this FREE LAND stuff about?

So, Liberland. Dafuq is Liberland? It’s an ancap country situated in the lovely neighborhood between Croatia and Serbia. And yes, they do have someone in charge (whom I’m assuming is more a figurehead the time being, just for legitimacy, so that one of their two neighbors don’t try to claim the territory, as it’s something close to what you might call a ‘free-zone.’

In fact, there are a number of places (some more appealing than others on planet Earth that are completely unclaimed…
Erik the Red’s Land, Marie Byrd Land,  International Waters, possibly parts of Antarctica, and also Bir Tawil (in the Sudan area) pictured below:


I could’ve sworn there was an area in Western Africa that was unclaimed but for the life of me i can’t find it… If you’re looking for claiming land in a more…friendly area… there are ways to claim abandoned land IN America (and I’m sure its true for other countries, but I’m not about to list every country in the world and their abandoned land legalities)…

Also, there are some notable and definitely safe US Midwest areas where there are towns and area with very little cost (or NO cost whatsoever).  Also, In Alaska there are situations like that too – as well as Muskegon, MI (if you plan to run a business with 25 exployees or more)… So, if you look around, you can find all kinds of things… And I know there are more areas in the world that are free terrain, but there are but a few.

But here’s the really cool part:

There are all sorts of small communities “hidden” throughout the US. I know, personally, as I’ve travelled the country a lot… And with most towns, they have their fire stations, police stations, schools, utilities, a few restaurants and gas stations, MAYBE a movie theater if you’re lucky, etc, etc, etc… But the cool part? Many of them have such a small number of people… I’m talking in the hundreds or maybe just a few thousand… and there’s that crazy thing called, uh, what is it? … Oh yea! Democracy!


Maybe you’re not into institutional hierarchies, maybe you are. But whatever your politics, be you a socialist, communist anarcho-capitalist, what-the-fuck-ever-ist, think aout this for a second:

Suppose you move to a beautiful town, ok? For example, when I was travelling through the Pacific Northwest one time, I discovered the most tear-jerkingly-beautiful town called Orofino, in South Eastern Idaho, of all places – it had mountains that reached to the sky, and tons of lakes and hills and the place was so fucking beautiful I swear I was overwhelmed –  I didn’t know how to compute such beauty – it was like trying to get a sloth to swim across the Atlantic ocean – it just won’t compute. The sloth won’t get it….. That’s how I felt – like a confused sloth unable to deal. Weird metaphor, but it was a weird feeling. Orofino pictured below:


ANYWAY – Orofino has 3,078 people (as of 2012, even less than the numbers from 2010) so what do you do? Move there. Tell your friends its the new fucking Austin, or Portland, or Seattle from ’91, or whatever – and if you play it right, you get enough “freaks,” (for lack of a better word) to outnumber the “normal” folks there. Sure, there will be hold-outs, and more power to em (I guess…) but many will move away THAT YEAR… and even if they don’t (they will) you can still outvote them in the elections if you have the people power! Yes, that’s democracy. Is it aggressive democracy? Call it what you want, it’s democracy! You’re not kicking anyone out, you’re not telling the “normal” people to leave! They can stay! But most won’t! And even if some do, eventually they’ll be so outnumbered, when you run for mayor, fill the city hall with your friends, become mayor (or mayor “as a figurehead”) and vote to make marijuana, MDMA, and lots of fun club drugs legal – you can bet you’ll see most “normal” citizens run away as fast as possible.


Yes, it’s democracy – the wonderful yet unforgiving, beautiful bitch.

Make it what you want! Make it a psychedelic bass’d out rave town. Change the name to “Fuck Wyoming.” Do whatever you want, you run the fucking place!! Isn’t democracy awesome?  Eh, maybe not, but hell, it’s the system we live in, let’s take advantage of it, I say!

You don’t have to make it a ‘rave-paradise,’ that’s just one cool idea. You could try to build a tech hub… Lower business tax to zero for the first 20 years, poach on all the tech companies from Silicon, Seattle, New York (and places overseas that would love to pay less in taxes) and have a vibe of laid-back / hard-working IT professionals. Out-silicon the Silicon Valley… (but if you do – please, please, somehow, please, make it a place that women would find appealing… Silicon Valley has a real gender discrepancy. One of the reasons Silicon Valley is going to die. You think I’m joking? Go there.) and before you know it, you have your very own hip city on the map – make it whatever you want. Your own cool city, with all the utilities already set up and ready to go!

It doesn’t have to be Orofino, I just got the aggressive-democracy-idea when I was there. It could be anywhere. It could be the midwest towns mentioned previously, it could be in the South, it could be somewhere on an island (btw, there’s also homesteading, for anyone interested) it could be the midcontinent (where there’s pretty much no people for a million miles… It could be the Southwest, the Northwest, it could be Ojai, California.

Straight Outta Fuckin Ojai, California



So my friend, Spencer Dwight, and a few of his friends, are going to Ojai, California. It’s right near the mountains. And no, it’s not uninhabited, but there are not very many people there. They plan to build an amazing scene, and I can guarantee that within a bit of time, it’s gonna be fucking nuts. Hell, maybe Ojai will be the Austin, only cooler… The folks involved are heavy into heavy electronic / bass music, psychedelic art, and generally, creating a laid-back (but creative) atmosphere. It’s more or less out in the middle of nowhere, if you look at the map. Perfect for ACTUAL FUCKING RAVES. Not just some rave that moved indoors where you get an irritating ratio of drunk frat / sorority folks to ravers, but an actual fucking area to play music as loud as they want. And who’s gonna hear em? They’re far enough removed from the megalopolises that cover California that they’ll be safe as hell. If you know where Santa Barbara is, had east until JUST BEFORE you get to the mountains.

Got a couple more pics for you here:



So, things ARE happening. There’s no reason Silicon HAS to be the center of tech. Hell, it could be Southeast Ohio, if the put some work into it. The internet isn’t tied to a physical location, right? So…. what the hell is stopping Orofino or Ojai or even some unincorporated territory in Southwestern Washington State or Northern Indiana from being the center of tech – or culture – or just a very free, “come as you are,” kind of place? It’s almost silly that LA, the Bay Area, and New York would continue to be the big hubs of culture and industry in the next few decades, if you really think about the potentials of technology and democracy.

More power to Spencer and his friends! He’s pioneering what I predict will seriously be a MAJOR trend of the 21st century, and the next time I head out west I hope to join him and enjoy the culture, and have a couple of bowls of fine California buds.


– StrangeFlow

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