The Web 3.0 / The Web 4.0; a Completely Decentralized IndieNet + a List of Evil Internet Gods

(the above image is meant to vaguely represent the vastness of the internet, and all the beautiful colors and differing ideas that could come from a Web 3.0…


But before I get to the Web 3.0 – Internet gods? Who? Who are they?

The big boys who run everything. They’re all household names. ALL of them.

Now let’s be clear, I’m not saying a company shouldn’t try to get big, but when they monopolize to the point where IF YOU DON’T USE THEM, YOU’RE FUCKED, there’s a problem. Why? Because if they decide they don’t like you, you’re screwed.

I USED to put up copyright-expired books up on Amazon, years ago, and I thought it was an alright little source of income. I didn’t make much, but a dollar a day is a lot when all you have to do is put in the ground work and then let the Amazon traffic organically push your version (with an individualized preface) up near the top. It was alright. Until I put something up there that was apparently breaking a copyright law.

It said (c) 1918, so I figured it was fine. It wasn’t. It was apparently a compilation somebody else had put together or something, and although I did my best to make sure I was doing every legit, apparently I messed up… I don’t honestly think I did ANYTHING wrong, but the person who complained must’ve complained pretty hard, because I got banned from Amazon. I’ve since been able to use the site, as this was years ago, and there are workarounds (createspace allows is a publisher I go through and they put some of my ORIGINAL books on Amazon) but as for the un-copyrighted stuff, I’m done trying that. The payout, in retrospect, wasn’t much.. It was SOMETHING, but I don’t risk getting banned again.

It’s ridiculous how much sway some of these companies have. And, you might say, “Well, Will, you messed up, you just have a vendetta against them…” Yea, I hate them, and it IS personal. I’ve also found Google to be a monster, too. And Apple? Fuck Apple.


One wrong move and you can be cast out into the Siberia of the webz, and that’s bullshit. I try to go the Indie route whenever possible. Sometimes I incorporate products or pages from some of the big names, though – like youtube, which is owned by Google. And I still have a facebook, because there are people on there I wouldn’t be able to talk to, otherwise. I try to limit my time on sites like that though (as they’re mostly just a distraction).


I’d prefer a decentralized web. I know the deepweb is 500 times bigger than the mainstream clearnet that most of use, and the deepweb is interesting… You have download the TOR browser to get on there. Technically, it operates through a different kind of framework, in a way (not all of it, but a lot of it) but that could be a whole three-hundred page book, and I’m not about to get into all that. The point is, fuck the internet gods, it’s more important than ever to support indie companies.

Remember when Google had the slogan, “Don’t be Evil,” ?? … They’ve gotten rid of that…….


So, please, support locals and independents! This isn’t some plea for money, I’m one of millions of indies, support them instead, if you don’t like what I’m doing or my products. My companies aren’t the whole point in this. Not at all.  Just think about the idea of modern-day feudalism… Some of these big networks let you have a small plot of land (maybe a site or whatever) but you gotta’ pay taxes. Why can’t it be different? And what should come after the serfdom?

…And a web 3.0 – indies taking over through decentralization, micropayments, bitcoin, AND —- (and this is something I’ve talked about in other articles) — and ACTUALLY connected world of ecommerce.  The web respects country borders far more than it should. VPNs and proxy servers can go against that, but it shouldn’t be weird to go to a Vietnamese site. And no, I don’t expect everyone in the world to learn every different language, but translator sites ARE getting better. That will help pave the way for the next step in the evolution of this huge digital network we all use everyday.

And yes, I’ve done enough research on the topic to understand that what SOME people are calling the web 3.0 is just a much more intelligent web. But why stop there? Why allow the internet gods who already have all our information to get even smarter? (I know that’s simplistic, but, still)… I say a transformation is needed, and not JUST a hybrid of web 1 and 2, or a smarter web that helps google watch you shower, but ALSO all of the decentralized independent ideas I mentioned. Fine, call it 4.0, what the fuck ever. The point is still there.

How often do YOU go to a site from Singapore? Or Honduras? Or Mexico? or Egypt? Sooner or later, the whole wold will be connected, and we won’t rely 95% on the English Web (or, “Western Web,” take your pick as to what you call it, most of us only go through a small handful of country’s sites, and most of them are in North America or the UK)…

There’s my rant. Viva la IndieNet. It’s coming.


-Will (StrangeFlow)

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