The 10 Commandments of Passive Income

Reppin Lansing Michigan HARD.jpg

Wanted to rep Lansing a little bit (explained for about 20 seconds in the video below) and thought I’d post a nice pic of Grand River in downtown Lansing, near Lansing Community College… (I thought it would be good to have a photo to open this post with, so…. )

ANYWAY THOUGH! What’s up guys?!

I thought I’d do a post here describing what I would consider a run-through of ten practical steps to earning passive / residual income (I.E. money while you sleep). Arguably, there are actually 11 commandments, but I’ll explain that in the video. These are words of wisdom that I think are helpful, and I’m going based purely on experience. And… no, this is NOT about the bible or jesus or THOSE commandments, lol. Anyway, hope this video is helpful.


I know. My eyes looked glazed over or something. People have told me that, and if I HAD smoked weed, I wouldn’t try to hide it, but to be honest, sometimes I just look this way. (Maybe it’s just the affect of making a video in the morning?) I dunno…  Anywho though, if you DID like the video, please subscribe to this website and to the channel on youtube! It’ll make my day! And not just my day, but yours as well – you’ll be so happy that maybe – just maybe – you’ll be as fucking stoked as the folks in the awesomely terrible shutterstock photo below!!


And btw, as mentioned, I don’t have a… a “catchphrase,” or whatever. “Keep hustlin” ?  I dunno.. Maybe I’ll go with that.. Keep grinding?  Eh, at some point I’ll think of a good one. Or let me know in the comments if anyone has a good one… Perhaps, “My first few videos are kinda shaky cuz I held the camera in a weird way but overall the site’s not too bad.” … Hmmm…  Now THAT could be a nice catch phrase..



Will (StrangeFlow)




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