How to Set Up a Music Studio on the Cheap!!

WHAT’S UUUUUPPPP!!!!????!!!!

There’s a podcast that seems to get critical acclaim (seemingly by NPR and other podcasts) and theme of the podcast is HOW to make a podcast, which leaves me with no other option to use the word, ‘podcast,’ a sixth time in this sentence: PODCAST.  Anyway, at first I thought it was cool, but then as I was listening, it became more and more clear to me that they were just wasting money on things… They were physically building a studio from the ground up… Because, you know, unoccupied buildings don’t exist in real life, and if they did, they definitely wouldn’t be for sale….  And they flew someone out from some other part of the country to New York City… Because, you know, there’s no actual talent to be found WITHIN New York City (…???) and – wait a minute – New York? Why would you want to host your network of podcasts in the most expensive city in the country, especially if you’re flying your talent in? Were you just looking for ways to burn money? God damn, I couldn’t keep listening after two episodes. The first episode was a curious-listen, the second episode, for me, was a hate-listen. LoL.

Anyway, fuck burning up all your money for no apparent reason (and I also hope their podcast network fails)… You can do all sorts of things for cheap. This post isn’t about podcasting, it’s about making a music studio, though I’m SURE you could get some ideas about how to build a podcasting studio from it, too… But, regardless, I just had to put that rant in there just now about that goddamn show, because it’s so ridiculous how frivelous people are with money for no reason whatsoever. You might as well buy a million lottery tickets and then rip them up.

Ok… So what’s this fucking article ACTUALLY about, then, wise guy? As if you’re so fucking smart, Will.

Ouch. That was hurtful of you..   But ok, here goes……

So… Setting up a music studio on the cheap. How cheap? CHEAP! And, NO, the answer isn’t as simple as, just get a bunch of egg cartons together, soundproof everything! – though those things are great for the construction of a sound booth (or sound-closet). But, this isn’t an strictly an original post, either. I sampled: I was looking through an older site of mine, (where I post music tutorials and sample packs and interviews and things like that – mostly focused on electronic music, and a bit of hip hop) – and I remembered a great post on there that I thought would be worth sharing to the audience here at this site.

I know there’s probably a little crossover in audience-base between the two sites, but not entirely. I know many people who come to this site don’t necessarily want to make music. But some do, and some might not have seen the article from Bassadelic… So, if using household items and turning them into instruments is your thing, and are at all interested, check out The $5 Studio

fivedollarstudio - strangeflow


Yep. Turns out there are lots of cheap tricks to making electronic music (or hip hop beats, or glitch hop, or grime, or footwork….etc… you get the picture).

A word or two about vocal recording….

Maybe all you need is two turntables and microphone to get your music together. Well, actually, as far as microphones go, I know you can get cheap microphones AND that foam covering that goes on top, pretty cheap, on the interwebz, just gotta look around at the online stores… And when I say cheap, I’m talking, like, less than twenty bucks-cheap for a decent mic. Where? Try here or here… there’s more linked from that second site … Or use DuckDuckGo to search for a different one… I know there was a mic with that foam thing on top, I just can’t find the link. But here’s a link that promises podcasting on a budget, but that’s if your budget is hundreds of dollars. If so, here. I know why I bothered to include that link. But I did, and this is the internet, and there’s no conceivable way to undo anything ever online, so I’ve been told. Unless you cross it out so nobody can tell what you’re saying… Then you can say whatever you want! TOTAL anonymity! 911 was an inside job! Milk is just water mixed with glue! Uh… Greenland doesn’t really exist! No really, it doesn’t… Have you ever been there? Exactly! Alright, enough of that…

In fact, since I wrote that article (oh wow, exactly three years and one week ago today) there have likely been lots of improvements and technological innovations. I’ll even share a little secret (which, I suppose, isn’t exactly a secret if I post on a website that a bunch of people might see, but, uh…#yolo? or something?) for my last album, I didn’t even use a microphone for the tracks I recorded vocals for.

What did I use? Well, instead of using the PC mic from years ago (or the “Rock Band” video game mic that my friend Kenny gave me a few years ago, I opted for recording with my phone. Yes, my phone. The same phone, in fact, that I record my videos with…. Yes, I use my phone for THOSE videos, too. Fuck it. And why? Well, for one thing, this website isn’t called for no reason, but it worked well, IMO. I know that after revealing this “secret,” some folks might now listen to my trax with a little bit of bias when the vocals come on, but I like the sound of the vocals. I know what I’m doing in the studio (not just the five dollar studio, but basically my DAW – for this particular situation, software that included Goldwave for cleaning up vocals, and Ableton for the sliiiiightest of  reverbs).

I did get the entire album mastered by Simteks, a great friend of mine, and if you’re wondering why his name is a link, it’s because he has his own music production site @

Anyway, for anyone interested in that album I did, and how the vocals sounded, you can take a listen below… Some of them are purposely distorted, as I was going for that sound in some cases to begin with, so the phone-mic worked even better for those tracks…

The entire album (as of the current date, 3/30/2016)  is free, though eventually I’ll be putting more on that new label and eventually might charge a few bucks for the album. I haven’t decided first. But I have plans for Sidewayz Funk Records, as well as it’s sister site, Sidewayz Funk Clothing…. (and no, it wasn’t just a lack of imagination in naming them, they’re designed to go together, lol)


There you go. Hope some of this was helpful, or fun, or interesting, or at least helped you kill a few minutes off the clock as you’re waiting to get outta’ work (if you’re at work, anyway… I need to post more posts about passive income soon, btw).

Alright, peace!

And remember, there are always alternatives!

I think I might use that as my ‘ender’ slogan to finish off pages with.

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