Fuck “EDM Construction Sample Packs,” the Focus is on the Artist with the, “Underground Sample Boutique”


Lo-fi image.. get the pun? USB? .. yea, it’s alright… lol..


I started a new company, and if you want, you can watch it grow ūüôā OR CONTRIBUTE!

So, I’ve been running this site, theBusinessPunk. for a few months… BUT I also have been maintaining Bassadelic.com since 2011. The focus is on tutorials for making rave music, doing interviews, writing articles on specific musicians and styles of music, as well as general musical theory… (I rustled a few feathers early on by writing how Rolling Stone Magazine sucks, and WOW I got a response… some negativity, but a lot of positive feedback, too). Anyway, I also make sample packs for the site. I try to feature samples of overlooked-genres, like electro swing, breakcore, footwork, footwork jungle (actually, footwork samples are starting to sell pretty decently this last year)… ¬†Anyway, they’re usually a bit bigger (usually a few hundred megabytes to a few gigs) … Anyway, I was looking around (scouring about (as I’ve said, I’m a scourer, despite the autocorrect telling me ‘scourer,’ isn’t a word…) and I remember seeing a well-known site with a ton of sample packages, EACH ONE COSTING $99 !! ¬†That’s irritating. It’s also irritating that big-name DJs/”producers” get their name on a sample pack and sell it like gold… (I use quotations out of contempt, because, YES, they ARE producers.. ‘hit-makers,’ in the illustrious EDM WORLD, but I don’t know, fuck ’em and their cookie cutter construction packs that were ghost-written.

YES! ¬†Sample packs are often ghost-written. C’mon… C’mooonnnn….. Some aren’t even royalty-free (most are, but the few that aren’t? Tsk… Looking your way, 6blocc…) Anyway, looking at the prices of some of the big packs, I started wondering if I wasn’t charging enough… So I thought about it for a bit.. Almost all my sample packs are done completely by myself, aside from a few collaborations and things like that…. (Simteks and I still make a few bucks running that trap)… But then it hit me… ¬†WHY NOT make a sample pack company that’s NOT about bullshit auto-made “construction packs,” that build the track for you – or overly polished samples that give you NO CLEARANCE to add your own dust or grime or mastering freely ¬†– and what if you want some grime (not UK grime hip hop, but just… just grime, lol)… And also, I recently emailed a couple companies asking them if I could sell my samples on their site. One company ignored me, the other asked for a demo….



OK, fair enough… But I’ve been going strong for about 5 years and I STILL have to prove myself? Yes, it’s a bit petty of me, I suppose, but it rubbed me the wrong way. If they haven’t heard of my site, and they’re in the samples game, they’re probably not paying close attention. My site is multi-faceted… But putting my healthy ego aside (sorta) I said to myself, ‘Hey Will, make a site that helps out individual artists… It could be like a record label, but for sample packs… They could be small to medium sized, and include art, samples – beats, loops, one-shot kick drums, snares – even a few stems, or unfinished tracks that the artists would throw away anyway (ALL MUSICIANS KNOW THAT FEELING… it’s a shame, but a reality… unfinished shit.. ) and these theoretical sample packs could have easter eggs, surprises, trax, art work (wallpapers and artist photos) and even videos (like those old psychedelic trance VJ videos… Anyone know what I’m talking about? They were big a few years back, I hear they’re still big in Japan….

So I started a new company. FUCK ITTTTTTT.


ANYWHO though, why not? Focusing on the artist, not the bullshit…? They don’t have to be huge, but they’d be great to showcase underground artist’s and their wide variety of talents… from chillwave to footwork jungle to innovative trap to glitch hop (ideally the good non-edm stuff) to housey-shit, trancey-shit, even breakcore and¬†avant garde (challenge your ears and brain – type of shit)… So… A company that’s all about the artists… Seemed like a decent idea… So I posted about it, and got TONS of feedback right away… So, I bought the domain, forwarded it to an ecommerce site, and shit’s bing-bang. New company. Underground Samples Boutique. ¬†Yes sir. Or mam. I literally just bought the domain a few hours ago so it’s sparse right now… nothing but a page, a header, and a manifesto…

What’s the manifesto? Here:

(and btw, it’s on facebook, I wanted to put up a discussion page for the time being…I know, it’s facebook, selling out) but anyway, manifesto-time:

The Underground Sample Boutique (USB… ) is designed to showcase a huge variety of styles from different musicians (NOT just the average “CLUB/EDM SUPER PACK” nonsense.

The idea being that musicians release small to medium sized sample/sound packs, possibly with extras (wallpaper, notes, random extra tracks) and all royalty-free, all showing their unique sounds, beats, idea, etc – and all cheap (especially compared to sample pack companies that charge $99 for a pre-made “construction pack”….

Site’s coming soon. For now, this is just the discussion group / place-holder.. Hit me up if you’re interested in contributing a sample pack.

And here’s a bit more info I posted, for the curious:

David YaconiDavid Yaconi sold
Thanks David ! So the site is sparse right now… As I said, I set it up this morning… But it should be fun. A billionaire franchise? Nah… Nah… A few bucks? Perhaps… A way to showcase talent from artists who DON’T sell ghost-witten EDM-CLUB-ANTHEM CONSTRUCTION KITS FOR $99? ¬†(or “bundles” for $400… THAT IS NOT A JOKE)…? Yea, it’s worth it. A hobby / small business. Fuck it. WHY NOT, right? I got nothing but love FOR SO MANY talented artists who get overlooked because of the elite racket of Avicci-clones (am I spelling his name wrong? Who gives a shit) and not only those muh fuggas, but the tidal wave of mediocre “bedroom” producers (and no, I’m not against producing in a bedroom.. truth is…. most trax are made in a bed room or in someone’s house) … and also, I’ll just point out, I DON’T hate all the big-timers in the scene. Some are talented. I do like Deadmouse, for one… And Skrillex? Ok, I’ll admit: he’s not as bad as everyone says… So there, not that I’ve alienated 99% of my audience admitting that, I rest my case. Or, I’m finishing this article… Or, however one ends a post.
So if you have some ideas for sounds (fuck genre, it’s about an artist and their unique style) hit me up… ¬†williamsimondunn@gmail.com .. ¬†I know putting my email on a public site opens me up to spam. SO BE IT!!!!
Seriously, don’t be afraid to hit me up. What’s the worst that can happen? I say NO? .. Whatever, big deal. I might seem pessimistic because I swear “too much” and half my posts start with “FUCK THIS, FUCK THAT,” but honestly I think I’m one of the most idealistic and positive motherfuckers out there (well, ok, on a scale of one to ten – ten being happy-hippie idealistic, and zero being dead in the water, I’d say I’m a… hmm… a 7… 8? Hell, maybe 8.6… Yea.. 8.6… Y’all know. Anyway, if you send me a letter and I don’t like it, I try to be cordial, especially to small or medium-level artists… I hate motherfuckers with kanye-west ego’s (yea, kanye with a small, ‘k,’ cuz fuck him. Just… fuck him…) Anyway, hit me up. Or the facebook posts I linked… Can’t find em? Here:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/581354178686844/ … If you’re ahead of the game and got no soundcloud… Email… If I don’t respond, email again! ¬†Or my soundcloud, StrangeFlow… the electronic musician, not that rapper with the same name…. (it’s rude to take someone’s name. Search engines are a click away, damn it…) …. Though I’m one to talk, right? Bassadelic, my site – well, Bassadelic was an electro-funk group from twenty-five years ago. In my defense, it’s been awhile, but yes, I’m still a hypocrite, I suppose… Um… Sorry…
Enough about me, though, jesus (with a small, ‘j,’ ūüėČ … ) The Underground Samples Boutique could use some help… So… I’ll get a sample pack up for a demonstration SOOOON… Other then that, I got nothing else to say, really.
No, that’s a lie, because I got more to say. I started a company TODAY. If I can, YOU CAN TOO. Try it. If you fail, well… fuck it.. Try again! Failure is OK. Just keep at it. Learn from your mistakes, you’ll make ’em. I definitely have. I got failed projects and companies.. ¬†But that’ll be another post… I could rant on that, and this is already sort of a long post……. So… ¬†Peace out!

Hit me up if you’re interested in contributing…

strangeflowmusic@gmail.com if you wanna chat about it, get involved.. or go to the facebook discussion page¬†https://www.facebook.com/groups/581354178686844/ (to chat.. but if you want to really contribute something, as far as putting out your own “USB,” please hit me up on email and I can add you to a list of potential interested parties, just so I can keep track of it much, much, MUCH, much easier… And please don’t use the facebook page message system, it’s clunky… Hard to deal with, messages go missing… really, to be honest, email is better… lol

All the samples and sounds and images and whatever MUST be royalty-free. That’s one of the main stipulations. There aren’t many rules (in fact, almost none) but that is the one big one. No selling amen-loops or anything like that hahaha (looking at you, 6blocc)…

All the samples and sounds and images and whatever MUST be royalty-free. That’s one of the main stipulations. There aren’t many rules (in fact, almost none) but that is the one big one. No selling amen-loops or anything like that hahaha (looking at you, 6blocc)…

And my new cheesy (but accurate) catch-phrase:


Peace y’all..

-Will (StrangeFlow)



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