How to be More Creative – “New Space, New Mental Place”


So I made a video and wanted to share it here. Basically, it’s about how our memories and thought patterns can be somewhat tied the spatial locations we’re in – whether you’re all the way in Bali or just sitting on the other side of the room, or in a room down the hall – it STILL makes a difference.

We build mental relationships with the places we’re in, as ridiculous as that might sound. We form patterns in our minds, our neural synapses fire differently sometimes depending on how we are.


Anyway, here’s a video I made that explains some of it, and my story of how I created a “thinking-room,” (so-to-speak) back when I was just a kid, and how it taught me (because they don’t teach this kinda shit in school) a little about the relationship of mind to space…


Even just sitting in a different seat in the SAME room, I feel different and I have different types of thoughts. I hold certain types of thoughts in certain locations and spatial areas. It’s a crazy thing to think about… But if you do think about it, I recommend you think about it in your, ‘Crazy Thoughts’ Room, LOL.

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