Cultivating Friendships That Keep You Accountable and Motivated

Cultivating Friendships That Keep You Accountable and Motivated


Yep. That’s right. I pulled out that shutterstock photo with the creepy business folks staring you down while two bodyless-arms shake on a deal to pollute the oceans..


Friendships are important. Extremely important. But sometimes, we surround ourselves with people that drag us down…. That’s NOT good. Sure, sometimes friends have a bad time, and I’m not saying to act like a sociopath and just ignore any negativity coming from them; but you know there are people aren’t JUST having a bad time, they’re ALWAYS negative and bum you out. It’s especially important to distance people who are always skeptical of YOU and critical of your ambition. They might be haters, and that might come out of jealousy (in fact, it often does) but I wanted to make a video about this, and about cultivating friendships with people that will ultimately HELP YOU, not HURT YOU….


It’s good to surround yourself with people who will help you.. It’s VERY important to keep HEALTHY friendships… and this video will hopefully help you understand what I’m talking about a bit more…

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