Fuck Fame. Build an Under-the-Radar Empire-of-One, Instead

I decided to make a video about this. Scroll down to avoid the preface / rant..

We all want to be famous, right?

Well… Fame sounds nice, but honestly, I’d easily settle for niche-fame. Kind of a ‘turn the light on, turn the light off,’ approach to fame. Seems much easier to control. Seems like it’d keep your much more down to Earth, too. Kind of the best of both worlds, I say.

Sure, if you read any magazines or newspaper articles or news blogs (created by people who USED TO RUN MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS but couldn’t keep them going) you’ll hear half the older generations talk oh-so-kindly about how Millenials are all about fame, and not much else. They’re entitled brats and they take pictures of their food and put it on the internet for whatever ridiculous reason (…. BECAUSE SOMETIMES YOU WANT TO BRAG ABOUT HOW FUCKING AWESOME YOUR FOOD LOOKS! IT’S JUST A NEW TREND THAT’S ABLE TO EXIST BECAUSE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY… ) New trends come along all the time, and it’s been that way since the dawn of the time… You’d think people might get used to it by now…) But anyway, back to the point at hand – young people don’t just love fame. Anyone and everyone does. If non-young people knew how, they probably would’ve embraced technology and tried to make themselves famous, too….OOOHH shit, that’s right, THEY DID. 

Remember television? Yea, that old thing? Yea, and movies? Remember those? Those things still exist, and lots of people, both old and young, would love to be on tv or in a movie. That’s uh… that’s not a NEW thing.

I know this is turning into a rant but it just annoys the hell outta me the way some people get this shit mixed up. Yes, I want privacy, despite the fact that I might take a picture of a burrito – and if you say that’s a contradiction, please keep in mind I’m not talking about keeping my burrito private from my friends, I was talking about keeping my social security number or credit card numbers or personal information away from people I’ve never met. There’s no contradiction there. This is something I think some older people have a harder time understanding.

Back to it, though. Fame? I don’t care about it. I don’t think it’s as awesome as people probably think. So, fuck all that noise, anyhow. I don’t think it’s necessary. I’ll get into it in the video, here…


What about Niche-fame?

Someone once told me that because of my music I put out as 5ifty$ix K over on my label, Dynastyshit.com that I’m “big in Japan,” and I don’t know if they were just being nice or not, but I’ve never been to Japan, so I couldn’t say. If it’s true, though, then that’s a definite example of niche-fame. But really, even if it’s not true, that’s fine. I don’t need fame of any kind….niche-famous or rich-and-famous…. I’d rather just be rich, personally. I’d rather build an empire of one, and I don’t mind ONE SINGLE BIT if it’s an under-the-radar type of affair. In fact, there are strategic advantages in NOT being that big famous titan. Very awesome strategic advantages. Anyway, I feel like I’ve ranted so fucking much at this point, but I hope you watched the video and got somethng from it. If not, I’ll just have to try again next time.


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