2 ESSENTIAL Steps to Cultivate PASSION that you MUST EMBRACE for Success in Life, Love, Health, Wealth, Happiness, etc…

I don’t really need to put “etc” in there, since I think I’ve covered everything there, eh? Anyway, I recently made a video about passion. It’s all about passion. But in addition, you need to strap an extra backpack onto your passion rocket…. FUCK, that’s the clunkiest metaphor in the world… It doesn’t even make sense… Ok, can I just completely start over? Ok, so…Ok…  You need passion, but you need one other thing to go along with that passion, too. That’s the main point of this video..



The thumbnail to that video kinda makes me look like…I don’t know… some kind of sea otter, or something, I think. A weird human-ish-otter-thing with his mouth open. Ha. I actually spent years perfecting that thumbnail…

Anyway though, I hope this helps some of you out there. I know it’s not always easy to cultivate passion – and that’s definitely a topic I want to cover more. It’s hard to stay passionate sometimes, especially if you’re going against the grain and really attempting something different by being that business punk / digital nomad / entrepreneur / renaissance mogul, etc…  Sure, in the future, people will look back and probably look at all these pursuits I just listed as commonplace. People in the future, as they drive around in the rockets with backpacks (Fuck, there’s that weird image again about the backpack…) they’ll undoubtedly look at you as one of the early adapters of an economic paradigm that eventually (hopefully) becomes COMPLETELY normal. But until then, you might be looked as a little different. Some people might just tell you, “GO GET A NORMAL JOB.”

But you know what?

You do you. Fuck what anyone says about your own personal path.

After all, it’s not their path, it’s yours, right?! They can choose whatever the fuck they want for their lives…but you? You get to go on your own journey – and that’s pretty awesome, I think. 

so, this is Will, from, signing off for now. Peace!

And remember, there are ALWAYS ALTERNATIVES!!!!


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