How to Get a Free Burner Number, Verifying as Many Accounts as you Want

recycle my mobile
Get as many free numbers as you want. I’ll show you how, it’s actually fucking simple.

I’ve had accounts that asked for a phone number. So I gave it to them. Oh, hey, then I start to get phone calls two days later from some random robo-caller asking if I’d like to press “1” to learn more about how I can get a business loan….    These huge corporations sell my information, they sell your information, and that’s annoying. Some of them don’t, but most do. And many will SAY they don’t, but how else did I start getting contacted immediately after buying a domain from ? How?

Also, verification. Maybe you want to experiment with content, or have different channels on a single website, but – ohhhh, wait a minute – you’re only allowed to have a single account? Or two, with youtube, but you can choose to verify thru a text for two accounts, and then with a phone number.. So, effectively, 4, if you figure that out…which isn’t really difficult. What if you want to experiment with different types of content? What if you want a channel with just chopped and screwed music? Oh no, no more phone numbers. You could use a friend’s phone…That’s always a possibility. Or you could a burner number. They’re fucking easy as hell to get, and you feel cool circumnavigating a system that was set up to only let you go so far…

And what if “THE ORCHARD” claims copyrights on your account? Well.. Dispute it! What if the account becomes untenable or banned because somebody claimed you used copyrighted music? What if you, theoretically, set up a site playing videos or songs from 1939? Oooh, it’s still in copyright and you just flagged, because copyright law (as it exists) is fucking stupid??   Or maybe someone flagged your videos after downloading them all with something like YoutubeDownloader, and effectively set up your channel but kept all the profits for themselves…. (Even more annoying when YOUR LOGO AND MUSIC is STILL in the video….theoretically). Anyway, that’s what I made this video about:



BURNER NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!old cellphones



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