Don’t Believe the Hype: You DON’T Need an LLC !


Well, I’m sorry to be the one to say it, but I’m afraid school has lied to you, once again…

…But is there REALLY any shock about that?

I wanted to do a video about the myth that if you’re going to make any money at all with any kind of business-type-venture, you need to start an LLC. Well…. That’s not necessarily true. BTW, I should probably point out, this is not legal advice, it’s just my opinion. So, don’t hold me accountable. The whole point is that, in my opinion, you generally won’t need to register for any kind of LLC, unless maybe if you plan to get sued / start a “high risk” company, then things might be a bit different. I’ll explain “high risk” a little down the page, but the main beef of this is the video:


So there’s my opinion,”go sole-proprietor or go home!” Nah, I’m kidding about that. Like I mentioned, there certainly are some situations where you will need to incorporate as an LLC from the get-go, like the “high-risk” type of jobs..

What does that mean?

“High-risk,” in this instance, was code for porn. But it could be a lot of things, too, really. Selling research chemicals to research laboratories on the internet is considered “high risk” by most credit card companies. Plus, there are all sorts of jobs that can get you sued, whether you broke the law or not – and whether you acted 100% ethically or not – because if people don’t like what you’re doing, remember, this is a litigious country. Remember that. (Oh, and for the 95% of the world reading this who ISN’T in the country I’m in, I’m in the US… A fun but not-fun and relatively safe but sorta scary, weird place, where 1984 is well on it’s way to becoming a reality. But I won’t rant about that right now..)

Speaking of porn, though – did you know it’s actually ILLEGAL to film a pornographic film anywhere in the US (except for California, Nevada, and Vermont) – isn’t that weird? I think it’s Vermont. It’s one of those East Coast states. But… damn, I thought this country was free.

HA! Just kidding. We all know it’s not. That’s why you have to find workarounds and loopholes (THAT ARE ETHICAL) to get yourself as free as you can, and maybe just quit your job and live the kind of life you want. Ah, a nice workaround to providing ONE MORE REASON to keep coming back to sites like this one! Eh? 😉 lol…


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