Shunning Mediocrity to Strive for PASSION, BEAUTY & BRILLIANCE

bassadelic . fuck mediocrity poster

So… you ever watch one of those Tyler Perry movies? …You ever listen to a Styx cover band? …You ever hear that Rebecca Black song? (You know which goddamn song I’m talking about) …or… You ever watch Andy Rooney complain about “how terrible sandwhiches are now,” or whatever?  (I’m not sure if that’s how he spelled his name, but he can fuck himself, I’m not gonna look it up, he was a crabby old fuckwit who hated progress and everything else, and got paid to be a crabby old man who doesn’t understand the present ((or, what he would probably consider the future)). I wish there was a hell, just for Andy Roonies).

My point is – have you ever encountered “entertainment” that’s just so goddamn mediocre that you need a shower afterwards? You need to go listen to Voodoo Chile by Hendrix or Sublime or Parliament or Biggie Smalls or Wu Tang or…. or ANYTHING that’s actually decent??





CREATE the opus you’ve always dreamed about. DO IT! DO IT RIGHT NOW! TODAY!

Oh, have you never dreamed of creating an opus? I’m not talking about music, I’m talking about music or writing or architecture or starting a master plan to really do something big with your life. Why not? Why the FUCK NOT? Why not live a huge life? Or at LEAST try? I’d rather die trying to live a passionate life, than live a dull and boring life that’s safe and nice and clean and goes on forever.

It’s important to hate on mediocrity, I think. Now, not everyone will. In fact, most won’t admit it, but they don’t want to live a big life or have an adventure or do anything interesting. Alright, fine, fuck em, who cares what they think? They can die out like the rest of 99% of humanity and be forgotten.

You can find a lot of interesting images when you search for, ‘mediocrity.’



Yep, that’s Dre, back when he was quoted as saying something about how he didn’t smoke weed because it “rots of your brain.” LOL. At least he was trying…. I guess… To do something with his time… I just think this is a fucking hilarious image, and I do think that this is a perfect image to represent glorified mediocrity.

Oh…. and even more than that. EVEN MORE than that… FUCK this guy:

t...Fuck this guy


Does anyone else notice that at the top of that image it has someone quoting this book as being, ‘genius,’ ? Anyone… think that’s a little bit funny? I think it’s funny… I also find it (and mostly this book, and whomever Vince Stone is) as infuriating beyond belief. Fuck people like that. If he wants to Andy Roonie it up and be mediocre, more power to him, but come on – don’t try to spread the disease! The dirty whore!

Yes, there have been many whore of mediocrity throughout history. We’re taught in school to be mediocre. We’re taught to be nothing. And along the way, we’re told (verbally or tacitly) that it’s OK to settle and lose your passion and not try hard and just be a mediocre whore…

Well, I say, fuck all that.

I did find one quote by Albert Einstein that I liked… I really hope it’s real and not just somebody posting an image to a quote by someone else…



It’s true though, isn’t it? Anyway, luckily (or, well, HOPEFULLY) YOU won’t have to deal with any violence on your quest to greatness, should you choose to accept it. Sometimes it seems like you can get your ideas out there more easily than ever, but sometimes it also seems like people are willing to tear you apart more easily than ever. Well… fuck haters, I say. No, actually – IGNORE haters. Just ignore them. They don’t matter AS PEOPLE. They’re worthless. Hmm.. I wonder if I’ll get any hate for saying that? Well, they are mostly worthless, at least, if they’re hating on someone for striving to be great in whatever their chosen field.

You don’t need to be famous, and you don’t have to be rich, to do great things. And what are those great things? Well goddamn, that’s all up to you and your own personal beliefs and values, isn’t? It should be. So I wish you nothing but the best if you really want to make this life of yours something worthwhile and interesting, and create your opus, in whatever form that may take.


-Will (StrangeFlow)

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