How to Schedule Content to Post Automatically When You’re Asleep Or Just Away!

autoposting... - .jpg

So, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until recently. I can’t believe it…

Turns out, you can really easily auto-post on Youtube! I go into it in this video, and also mentioning a similar method with WordPress.


So yea, you can automatically post content you’ve created with wordpress, too (although, as I’ve said, it seems wonky – I tried to get a week’s worth of content done in two days for a site and have it post everyday and it just completely failed… The best thing to do with WordPress is just save a bunch of things as drafts, and then publish them later…)

But yea, as far as youtube goes, you just go into the EDIT portion of a video while you’re uploading the video, and before the video uploads completely, you can choose when to upload!

Anyway… Think of the possibilities! You could get super ambitious and get enough content for the whole year and have it done in a month! And before you say, “That’s lazy,” consider the fact that we’re talking about doing a YEAR’s worth of work in ONE MONTH…

Would you call THAT lazy?

I wouldn’t call that lazy… I’d call that ambitious as fuck. Now that I’ve figured this out, I’ve already taken advantage of the auto-post mechanism on youtube with a couple of channels I run.

Is this one of them? Well, I’ve actually just learned about the auto-post thing quite recently and as I write this post on wordpress, this post is going up today… So, for WordPress, the answer is no. For youtube, I DO have a FEW videos I’ve made, but not many yet. I’m trying to work on those videos every single day. Also, it’ll become obvious that my posts on youtube channel are up to date because I will be posting as I go to Washington State. That’s one of my goals. I’m definitely going to do it, and I’ll bring you with me; I’ll take photos, videos, and I’ll sure to write when I’m in for the night (or in the morning before I hit the road) during my trek across the country 🙂

So, I’m about to hit the publish button now, wish me luck! I can’t help but look out and see the rainy days here in Michigan and think of the Wet Coast… Ahhh…

One day soon… One day soon…

-Will (StrangeFlow)


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