The Great Myth of Online Ubiquity, and How it REALLY Affects You


So, we’re all connected? Pshhh… No we’re not! Come on, now.. When’s the last time YOU went to a site based in Poland, Egypt, Mali, China, India, Singapore, or Australia? Maybe a couple of them? Maybe one of them? …Or maybe none?

There are SO MANY PLACES we never go online, despite the fact that they’re a click away. Internet-regionalism is a real thing. Let’s please stop pretending like it’s not. So why am I complaining about this? Well, besides the fact that it’s annoying, it’s also true for a lot of things…   But there IS a way that this can, for the brief period that it’s true, be a good thing if you know how to find an edge…

The idea of ubiquity is ubiquitous. I know that sounds pretty Taoist of me… But no, this isn’t an Alan Watts lecture, it’s a site about alternatives to wage-slavery. So what am I driving at, then? Well, I thin we just like to that whatever we’re doing at the moment is EVERYTHING. Whatever trend, whatever TV show, whatever music, etc – “it’s everywhere,” when in reality, it MIGHT be, but chances are, it’s really just everywhere in a few small circles… Maybe it’ll really be EVERYWHERE soon, but by the time happens, it’ll be on a billboard for McDonalds…

Here, I’ll explain what the hell I’m talking about in this video – and remember, I did mention that the (temporary) lack of ubiquity that we’re transitioning through right now (as an entire species/planet) can yield some potentially VERY positive results, if you know how to go for them… I’ll explain how in this video:


A more cynical title for this could’ve been, “That Fucking Song You Love Isn’t ACTUALLY As Big As You Fucking Think It Is, You Twat!” … But I wouldn’t say something like that (well, I might swear like that, but… ) – but anyway, I hope the video got ya thinkin’ about the whole thing a little bit differently, if at at least for a moment.

Thanks for watching! Here’s a song by Missy Elliot called ‘Gossip Folks.’ It doesn’t pertain, in any way, to what I’m talking about, but it’s good to end on a high note…

OH snap!!! Actually maybe it does pertain – because we’re talking about rumors of ubiquity being false, and this song is about people gossiping and telling lies about Missy…. So… shit, I guess it does go perfectly (sorta?) with what I was saying. Ha! Well, alright, things wrapped up pretty nicely! …Ah, fuck, I woulda’ posted it, anyway, though. It’s just a fucking great track. Missy knows how to make some fucking good hip hop, that’s for damn sure. And Ludacris is in it, too!




FOOTNOTE: I got some things to say about the above video… If you’re interested, which, I mean, some people might be… Basically I’m complaining about censorship but providing the version WITH the original words, too… Click …..HERE.   Thanks!

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