That Age Old Question – Should I Sell Big Products or Small Products on the Interwebz?

small and big animals

Get it? Something big and something small? I’m sure nobody has EVER thought to make a joke like this for a blog……

ANYWHO… As far as the main concept behind this post goes: well, with the big products you might attract groups like the Fuerdai… But small products can be good, too, for other reasons. Some products don’t need to be big. But, here’s the thing: there’s actually a middle-ground, and a noticeably-tired StrangeFlow (tired from a long day of working) boils it down and comes up with a solution to this age old question.

The solution? Well, it combines both types of products into something that’s completely different altogether, and no – it’s not right down the middle with ‘medium-sized’ products, either – it’s not a compromise, it’s not that middle-of-the-road bullshit… it’s better…. It’s much better. To find out, you gotta click and watch for yourself…

God damn I was tired when I made this video. The content still holds though, IMO… I want to talk more about the Fuerdai in future posts, as I mention them in this video in passing, but they’re definitely a group worth looking to get attention from. If you can do that, you might only need one or customers a month to make a living…. Maybe one or two per year… But that’s obviously not the main point in the video, though is definitely something to consider…


Yep, visibly tired. I shoulda’ gone to bed. I wanted to stay up and make a video, instead, though. LoL. Well, this is what I got. Though I’m still fine with it, I think the information holds up, even if I did go to bed pretty much right after recording this one last night..



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