Stupid Cliches Debunked…. “Fake it Till ya Make it,” and “Don’t be Something You’re Not”

thebusinesspunk - debunking terrible cliches.PNG

Two conflicting and shitty cliches… Which one’s right? Well… Neither really. Nope, neither really hit it on the mark….

So what’s the truth? Well! Funny you should ask! I’ve made a video that further explains this, and I do it by referencing early Beastie Boys material to make my points…


Yea, that early Beastie Boys music was kinda…. well…. Let’s just say they’re like a good wine that gets better with age…

Here’s one of the first tracks (and below that is a track they did from the 90s, where they changed completely, and they were stayed true to their vision, musically…


First: a track from their, ‘Licensed to Ill,’ album, called, ‘Fight for your Right.’


And then?

A few years later they came out with albums like, ‘Check Your Head,’ and ‘Ill Communication,’ and this track is definitely my favorite: ‘So What Cha Want,’ a perfect hybrid of rock and hip hop… It definitely didn’t have the same aesthetic of that first track, as you can easily see… Much more lo-fi… And they stil have that same, ‘we don’t give much of a shit,’ kinda feel… But frat boys? I wouldn’t call ’em that… Not with this one… I don’t think most people would:



Well, that’s all for this post. Fuck terrible outmoded cliches from 50 years ago that just keep getting passed down from generation to generation… Hand-me-down-cliches… Fuck em. All of em. There are always alternatives.



-Will (StrangeFlow)


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