Being Prolific is a Virtue



It’s true. Contributing value by being prolific is a goddamn huge virtue! This is an image I found when I was searching for something that might match the title.  These women look like they’re working hard, being prolific… (though if they were allowed to get better jobs in the 50s, they might be building their own empires and contributing WAY more, but that obviously wasn’t what happened after World War 2, when the men came home and kicked all the women out of their jobs that they were clearly capable of handling themselves – I mean, they must’ve been capable if they helped lay the foundation that not only got us out of the Great Depression (along with other things like the New Deal) but also help pave the way for the US to become the biggest manufacturing powerhouse on the globe in just a few years… Thanks again, 50s sexism!….)

Anyway, the point of this article (even though I already made a point about 1950s sexism being completely unhelpful in everyway) is that being prolific should be looked as a virtue.

I have a friend who not only sets up websites, he set up a 50-page website (a page for every state) and hopefully he’ll e able to profit from it – in addition, he’s a rapper (Big Sherm) and in addition to THAT, he works the sound at a local club. If THAT isn’t prolific, then what is?

I talk more about being prolific in the video I’ve posted below… As well as a good rant about school and what’s left out there… A lot of things are touched on here, actually:


So if you watched the video, you learned that it’s not JUST trying to be prolific, but being SO prolific that people question if you’re a robot (and I answer that question in the video) – but also, have a digital footprint that’s huge. Why not? Whhhhy the fuck not? Spread it around. Putting out value as hard as possible and as much as possible.



Don’t be like these lame kids, having out at some barbeque or fried chicken restaruant, sitting in the cars in a way that would be considered legally reckless if their cars were moving. Ahh, those stupid kids.  “Kerler’s,” huh? ..Uh. Ok. Hmm.. Fuck you kids, you probably those cars for a nickel. Cars cost a nickel back then, right? I know it was somewhere close to that…

Anyway moving on…


Jan! Wake up! You’re not being prolific! In fact, you’re not doing much of anything at all! Ooooh, Jan, jan jan… Will you ever learn? No. No, you won’t. I can see that smile. Who smiles when they’re asleep? Somebody having a GOOD DAMN DREAM.

Anyway, being prolific towards contributing value, and working hard (and smart) as fuck to do it – those are all things that will get you where you want to be….assuming you want to be successful. Of course, if you want to be like Jan, pictured above, don’t worry about any of this. In fact, if you ARE just like Jan, I can guarantee you haven’t gotten this far in the page..

What about Big Sherm and his new album? What about him? You mentioned him in the article and the video! Where’s his fucking music?

OK. OK. HERE ya go:




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