Summer Goals & Physical Representations of Those Goals



So, a few days ago I made a post about how I’m addicted to cigarettes, how I want to gain more self confidence, save up money and move to Washington State, etc… Well, I did another video.. This time, I thought it might be good to put up icons or representative physical items on my mantle to remind myself of these goals… This is the first step in my battle-plan to success. Yea, that’s fucking right, I used the term “battle-plan to success.” Yea.

Soooo, Step #1, making goals – Step #2, having physical representations of those goals – Step #3, creating habits and routines that will help me fucking get there. There’s also a forth step, and that’s maintaining. And, like the Ubermensche, I have to self-overcome my habits of mediocrity to get myself to a place I want to go, spatially, physically, financially, and mentally. I’ve also begun waking up earlier (or, trying to) so I can get a head-start on the day. 7:30 isn’t early for some, but for me, and for what I’m used to… it’s pretty early. It’s as bad as when I’m out West and have to get up at 5:30 in the morning… But I plan to get up tomorrow even earlier than I have been, so I can get an even bigger head start on the day. Fuck it.

The original video was this one, below, where I explain, as transparently and honestly as I can, my goals…


I made an abridged version of the goals from that previous post here so you can breeze through them:

  • Stop smoking cigarettes. I plan to replace the smokes with a vaporizer, and eventually cut down on that, too..
  • Lose weight and generally get in MUCH better shape. I want to bit fit and healthy.
  • I want to learn to have more self confidence, and I’d like to learn to speak in public. I simply have too much anxiety about life, and it’s time I did something about it. I feel like I have self confidence, but I think I need more of it.
  • I want to make enough money to be able to get out to Washington State and AT LEAST rent, though I want to eventually live out there, because I love it.

So how do I plan to go about these goals? I made another video that shows different physical items that will remind me of my goals.. I explain them all in detail:


SIDENOTE: No, I didn’t wear that yellow hat during thr workout.. But I like wearing it for videos…

I’ve started taking on routines that will hopefully help me. I got a vaporizer and I’ve been using it everyday, for one thing… I also got my own kettle bell and have sets I do with that. It’s a 20 pound kettle bell, but after using it for awhile, you can tell it’s doing something… Goddamn…

And I’m trying to eat healthier, too.. Yea.. Kale smoothies are gross.. but I mix some carrot juice in there to cover up the taste, and a bit of grape juice I got, and it’s not so bad. I don’t think I’ll ever actually ENJOY kale, but I’ve gotten used to the taste – though I still cover it up as best I can, ha. Anyway, I’m obviously not drinking it for the taste… I’m trying to eat healthier….


So, yes, indeed, that StrangeFlow motherfucker is trying to lose some weight.

I also have a photo of myself without a shirt on, it’s a “BEFORE” photo.. And I was about to post it, but then thought, “Goddamn, nobody wants to see this! EVEN I DON’T want to look at it, really…” So, maybe when I lose some weight / get in better shape, and have some more photos to compare it to, I’ll post it, alongside the “AFTER” photos…

So, wish me luck!

I also want to make money to get a place in Washington State. I’m working as hard as fucking possible to make that a reality. I’ve been grinding HARD, and hopefully this page and the youtube channel set up for all this will help with, at least a little. Also, my other projects (that I mention throughout my videos) will hopefully help, as well.  I’ve been trying to post everyday, and if I don’t post everyday, I’m still posting videos everyday on youtube. I plan to keep that shit up (I also hope to take a lot of good footage while on the road.. thinking of take route 66 to California then driving north … the plan might change but that’s what I’m thinking of doing, at the moment… I’ll film as much as possible and take a ton of pictures while I travel, and I’m really super excited about that) !!!!!

So, in addition to what I got going on now, I need to figure out MORE ways of making money. I’m not just doing this so I can be an eccentric billionaire (although of course that would be fun, too) – I want to make enough money that I feel like I can really move to a place where I’ll be happy to travel over to when I’m not here in the Mitten. I’ll rent at first before I buy, as I’ll want to check out lots of different areas (and yes, I’ve been there before, but there’s still a lot I haven’t seen) but buying and renting – well…. Unfortunately, I can’t really buy a place there, yet. I wish I could, but I don’t have the funds… No funds = no fun, in this case. But that’s OK for now, I’ll get there…. Even if I have to be the most motivated and ambitious motherfucker on the planet. I’ll figure it out. I’m certain of this.


Hopefully I can find some gold in this notebook, or one of my other notebooks. For any true fans, you might notice that it’s not my “megabyte” notebook.. That notebook turned into the notebook I specifically used to jot down ideas for videos for this site, when I started working on a brainstorm and realized I was taking up a lot of pages. So this green notebook, pictured above, is a notebook that I’ve organized to be much broader in scope, and not JUST for a single project, like this one. I gotta’ say, though, it’s really nice knowing that I have a whole notebook for just one project. It’s easier to organize notebooks knowing that this one is for THIS project, and that one is for THAT, etc.

So anyway, yep, that’s about it for now. I hope to accomplish all of my goals and learn as much as possible along the way.


-Will (StrangeFlow)

EDIT: Of course, I made the mistake of leaving some USB drive up there on the mantle, as it’s white and it blended in, but, whatever. There’s music on that USB, and I plan to make music this summer, too. In fact, I’ve been trying to get back into rap music, though it’s not an official goal… And the truth is, I’ll always be making music, anyway, so MUSIC doesn’t have to be any kind of goal – the goal would be “finishing an album,” or, “learning how to rap,” which I already know how to do, but I haven’t had practice in a LONG time, and that’s something I’m going to be working on well-passed the summer, so I decided not add it. So… This paragraph is sort of a footnote..

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