Ancap Rapper, Eric July (Backwordz) is killin it

Eric July 1


So I go and listen to the Seeds of Liberty podcast. I usually just watch the videos. Last week, though, they mentioned Eric July (not only did they mention him, but had him on the show!!) and apparently he’s quite the renaissance mogul, in my eyes. Not sure if he’d call himself that, but he’s been involved in multiple projects, he’s smart as hell, and he raps as well as performs in a metal band.

So here is him and the group he worked with, and I HAVE TO SHOW THIS TO YOU, because it’s awesome. Reminds me of Rage Against the Machine a little bit musically… Though, obviously, the lyrics take a different turn, in comparison with this. I still love the sounds of RATM, but I love this, and so much of what the songs are about. SO HERE, PLEASE LISTEN:


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