(Apple: Can’t Beat em? Punish em) Can Chaotic Copyright Corporatist Cunts Pay Pennies for Petty Paper-thin Propaganda? Probably! …Pssshh..


This is the pic they actually used. For realzies. For fucking REALZIES though. Lololol.

Apple says they can defeat piracy. Or, this article says they can. I’ll link to it in a bit. It’s a fucking stupid article.  Oh my goodness! Is it the fuckin end of fuckin Pirate Bay?



…….. No, it’s not ! …and even, for some dumb reason, if it were – it’s not the end of pirating. Grow the fuck up, propaganda articles!!! 

There’s a satisfyingly sweaty bit of blood and anguish that drips from the pours of the eyeballs that stick outta the face of that giant 9,000-foot-tall concrete monument of Mickey Mouse’s dick that sits in the center of every major city (that giant masterpiece of copyright that we are all legally obligated to hear the ‘Call to Pay-More’ on, every morning ) that I find funny as I do my best to finish this sentence and try to remember why I wanted it to be this long in the first place and whether or not that Call to Prayer joke worked out at all; is it too obvious – or – not at all? – well, fuck it… I thought it was worth a tiny giggle; and tiny giggles are what fund the blockchain bitcoin Trump cocaine pirate singularity robots; so, you know….. go grab your favorite ham sandwiches and take off your pockets to stare at the stars, ONCE AGAIN!!! WHY? WELL, because holy FUCK! There’s a propaganda game at play! *I mean… there always is one… but… still… *

Anyway, I read this dumbass article from some wormy “techie” site or something:


Nice fake news, I love it. But this doesn’t actually make sense when actually think it through for a minute.

There are so many holes in the reasoning. No profits in pirate bay ads? BS. If it actually is that low, there’s this tiny little foreign town called HALFTHEWORLDistan that would love to get that ad revenue for hosting a torrent website.

Even if the ad revenue dropped to a dollar or two per day (which I doubt) why wouldn’t some 15 year old with computer access (living in Tunisia or… China or… Pakistan or… Singapore or… 100 other places) post a site and earn money from ads? Maybe they’d put an ad on the screen right before the actual film plays, i don’t know. Or have an ad play halfway through? I’m not saying that’d be super enjoyable, but it’s realistic.

How many times you think people are gonna pay 23 fuckin euros for some shitty movie that’ll be torrented in a couple weeks? This sounds like Propaganda.


Is that Lil Wayne? Yep.

Why? Ha, I don’t know. I saw it sitting there and figured I’d throw it on here. Maybe people walking passed your phone or laptop or whatever will see it and look over at it and wonder about it, and that’ll give me more clicks. I need those clicks. I can’t get off without clicks, anymore. It’s sad, but, you know… What can you do, wbat with prices these days? Am I right? And using the word INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY to grab someone’s attention as they skim an article and decide if they want to read it… Ha, yea, it’s a strange world we’re living in. What with all of the… I don’t know, all of those fucking crazy APPLES FILLED WITH TINY BABY SQUIRRELS and all…

But for realzies, I don’t know, it’s an excuse to use a photo like that and thicken up this article. It’s all nonsense. All this article is about is saying Apple sucks, Disney sucks for even pushing copyright (which is one big reason why it’s so huge) and the movie studios suck. And, Google and Microsoft suck, too. Apple, especially, but they all do. All those fucking internet-centralization-freaks.

But yea, as far as the idea of this copyright-keeping ploy goes – it’s nonsense. Why? Well, think about it for a minute….

Keep thinking…

Ohhh yea, remember how pirating was a concern in the 80s? ..Or in the 90s? You remember how that-Napster-thing came out and we all downloaded mp3s? Yea, damn, it sucks that we don’t do that anymore. I don’t know anyone who ever downloads anything, nobody does that kind of thing – people are never quick to adapt and get a step ahead oft he big companies studios.. There’s no precedent for THAT at all (disregarding all those precedents, anyway).

Fuck that statue of the Mickey Mouse dick with sweaty/judgemental eyeballs and ears sticking out of it! I’m getting nightmares. Is this just a large amount of MXE cut with U-47700? (No, why would you fucking do that? and Where’s the MXE? I know it’s somewhere! Fuck the U4, they’re almost as awful as U2!) ..it’s the copyright police, at their copyright keyboards, once again! Watch out.

Peace out!  Keep downloading stuff, I guess. Just use a VPN and think about changing your MAC address and covering that up, too. IP protection is one thing, but your MAC address is your computer’s address, and it’s never really talked about. But that’s for another article. You can look it up if you want, though. I’m not going into it because I’m tired of typing for now.

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