Ancap Rapper, Eric July (Backwordz) is killin it

  So I go and listen to the Seeds of Liberty podcast. I usually just watch the videos. Last week, though, they mentioned Eric July (not only did they mention him, but had him on the show!!) and apparently he’s quite the renaissance mogul, in my eyes. Not sure if he’d call himself that, but […]

Shunning Mediocrity to Strive for PASSION, BEAUTY & BRILLIANCE

So… you ever watch one of those Tyler Perry movies? …You ever listen to a Styx cover band? …You ever hear that Rebecca Black song? (You know which goddamn song I’m talking about) …or… You ever watch Andy Rooney complain about “how terrible sandwhiches are now,” or whatever?  (I’m not sure if that’s how he spelled […]

Don’t Believe the Hype: You DON’T Need an LLC !

Well, I’m sorry to be the one to say it, but I’m afraid school has lied to you, once again… …But is there REALLY any shock about that? I wanted to do a video about the myth that if you’re going to make any money at all with any kind of business-type-venture, you need to […]