How to Set Up a Music Studio on the Cheap!!

WHAT’S UUUUUPPPP!!!!????!!!! There’s a podcast that seems to get critical acclaim (seemingly by NPR and other podcasts) and theme of the podcast is HOW to make a podcast, which leaves me with no other option to use the word, ‘podcast,’ a sixth time in this sentence: PODCAST.  Anyway, at first I thought it was cool, […]

Bitcoin: it’s Price & How it All Works

(I was honestly going into an explanation on it, but this infographic does a prety damn good job, so, here’s this infographic, instead of my rant, pictured above)….. So here’s a post about bitcoin, with slight digressions going into brief discussions of legal LSD (yea, for real) as well as an actual anarchist nation…I rant. I […]