Being Prolific is a Virtue

  It’s true. Contributing value by being prolific is a goddamn huge virtue! This is an image I found when I was searching for something that might match the title.  These women look like they’re working hard, being prolific… (though if they were allowed to get better jobs in the 50s, they might be building […]

Shunning Mediocrity to Strive for PASSION, BEAUTY & BRILLIANCE

So… you ever watch one of those Tyler Perry movies? …You ever listen to a Styx cover band? …You ever hear that Rebecca Black song? (You know which goddamn song I’m talking about) …or… You ever watch Andy Rooney complain about “how terrible sandwhiches are now,” or whatever?  (I’m not sure if that’s how he spelled […]

Hyping That Extreme Motivation!

What’s up everyone! Just wanted to do a quick run-through of the Extreme Motivation Book  that I wrote, recently. It’s the first actual product on this site being sold right now, and I thought I might as well do a video about it. There’s also a createspace link as well as an Amazon link, too – and […]

The 10 Commandments of Passive Income

Wanted to rep Lansing a little bit (explained for about 20 seconds in the video below) and thought I’d post a nice pic of Grand River in downtown Lansing, near Lansing Community College… (I thought it would be good to have a photo to open this post with, so…. ) ANYWAY THOUGH! What’s up guys?! […]